With Mpjdesign, it’s about more than looks.

Looks will only get you so far. All that style needs to be rooted down with substance. That’s what the best design really does – attracts people with the right image, then gets to work on a functional level. It goes beyond appearances to create elegant, intuitive experiences. You know how your website should feel. You know what it needs to say about what you do. And through the way it looks and the way it works, we’ll make sure that comes through loud and clear.

Easy on the eye (and easy to use).

Art makes things attractive. But design should do much more. So we consider the function of the projects we design, not just the form they take. It starts with understanding your business and your customers. We look at what they need to achieve and what you can do to help them, whether that’s telling them about your business, selling them on a product, or giving them something that’s simple to use. We dig into complex communication and usability issues, designing something that overcomes problems effectively and elegantly. So you get something that’s built to do business. And just happens to be beautiful.

Digital projects (for every device).

Your website needs to wow people. But it’s about finding an elegant, easy to use style that makes sense for a digital audience. There’s a tendency for digital projects to get complicated. Maybe you can’t decide what’s essential. So you opt for exhaustive. Maybe you’ve lost sight of what your customers are really looking for. So you can’t address those core needs. We know simplicity works. We’ve seen it do wonders. So we distil big ideas down to become streamlined, intuitive, and accessible. Then we roll them out across every device, using responsive design to create a website that’s consistent – but optimised for desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Because when you get a website that’s really working, you want it to work everywhere.

Off the shelf (then out of the box).

Creativity’s important. It’s what makes a website an exciting place to be. But, before we start thinking out of the box, we make use of a reliable off-the-shelf foundation. As we turn designs into finished projects, we use a documented, tested framework that gives you a reliable responsive website - fast. Then we build on that foundation using established best practices. It’s there that you’ll see the creative flourishes. The things that make a website unique. The things that make it yours. And then we’ll find the things that make it even better, using careful analysis and refinement.