With Mpjdesign, you’ll get results.

You’ve got big ideas for your business, but now you’re looking for something more tangible. Not a loose vision based on guesswork and presumption. Not something that could work, but something that works. You need creativity met with robust, rigorous testing and analysis. Because it’s only with a clear picture of what your project is and isn’t doing that you can see what it needs to do next.

Establishing goals (and where we’re going).

The only way to get good results is to know what you’re aiming for. So before we begin a project, we’ll work with you to define some clear goals and expectations. Maybe you want to increase your conversion rate. You could be reaching out to an entirely new audience, trying to generate enquiries. But whatever you’re doing, there must be a goal at the end of it. And it’s based on that goal that we’ll plan the best course of action.

Measuring results (because they’re what matters).

The value of design and development is in the outcome. Anything that doesn’t get a result is nothing more than an exercise in wasting money. That’s why we take analysis seriously. We measure the results of design and development across a range of measurements, depending on your goals and what you need to achieve. So we can see how a project is performing against the things you were hoping to do. And what we can do to improve it.

The end (and the start).

Analysis is the end of a process, but your business doesn’t stop. You’ll continue to grow. Your priorities will change and evolve over time – and we’ll be there to support you. So we don’t just package analysis into a final summary report. We don’t leave you to look at what’s worked and what hasn’t. We use the robust data we’ve collected to drive the next cycle of a project, whether that’s refining what’s there or adding new features and functionality. You get even closer to the results you need. And the data will show when you’ve got them.