Kingsdown Water


Kingsdown Water Co.

Results (so far)

The new site went live under budget, five days before the deadline. Compared with their original site our work delivered:

  • A 66% increase in visitors
  • A 90% increase in visitors to the online sales area
  • A 50% increase in online sales
  • Helped Kingsdown win a contract to supply a national restaurant chain with bottled water

We’ve made a few additions to the site since. And we’re looking forward to adding some sophisticated new features to the online sales facility in the near future.

The Brief

Kingsdown Water had an old, tired website. It reflected poorly on their brand. They wanted a full redesign and development to manage website content in-house. There was a strict deadline, for the launch of their sparkling pressé soft drink range. The design had to match the elegance and sophistication of their packaging and brand.

Our Solution

Our technical choice was straight forward. One of our go-to content management systems, Perch, is perfect for a site of Kingsdown’s size and has solutions to rebuild their online sales facility. Non-technical users find the system simple to use, making content updates quick and easy.

The design challenged us more. We’ve a long-term relationship with Kingsdown so we had to break out of mental ruts and see the brand afresh. The product photography that Kingsdown commissioned was the key to reimagining their online brand. From there we explored typefaces, colour palettes, and layout options until we found a style that worked.

After launch Kingsdown were delighted with the site. Except on smartphones. We all felt on reflection that the mobile user experience wasn’t as good as it should be. We revisited our original design concepts and reworked the experience for mobile devices. The second iteration was a big improvement.