Jason Dodd


Results (so far)

Jason loved the final site and reaction from prospective clients has been very positive. Approximately 30% of visitors are using tablets, with the number increasing steadily. Visitor engagement has proved to be good, spending an average of 5 minutes on the site. And while the site was not designed to generate enquiries itself, Jason is confident of reaching his target for wedding bookings this year.

The Brief

Photographer Jason Dodd asked for a website to help promote his wedding photography service when he speaks to engaged couples. As Jason only accepts a limited number of wedding assignments each year he wanted a stand-alone site, distinct from his commercial, creative, and portrait work. He wanted to avoid the clichés found on many wedding sites while focussing on two important points: his skill in tailoring photographic style to the wishes of each couple, and of course the quality of his images.

Our Solution

Taking inspiration from some beautiful stained glass we’d recently discovered, we designed a layout, colour palette, and typography that was a simple and refined with a retro touch. We iterated elements of the design several times in collaboration with Jason until the overall style was just right.

Content architecture was a logical progression of the design: a single page with thematic sections clearly divided by full-width galleries of Jason’s images. With thought, trial, and more iteration we developed an easy and adaptive navigation system, in keeping with the rest of the site.

Development began by building the site to work with smartphones and tablets as research indicated they would likely be popular devices with site visitors. Using responsive techniques we continued development by ensuring the site design would adapt when displayed on larger screens or different orientations - such as those of laptops. Some creative coding was needed to build the two galleries, featuring full-width images that resize to the available screen width.

Jason Says...

I only photograph a small number of weddings each year and I wanted to keep this work separate from my main commercial, creative, and automotive website.

The team at Mpjdesign came up with a superb looking website that’s really easy to use. The gallery images are big enough for brides and grooms to get a good feel for my photography style and there’s just the right amount of information too.

I really like the way the design changes when you’re using a phone or an iPad. It was important that the website experience was slick when using a tablet as so many people have them now. I’ve had some very positive comments about the look and feel of the site; so far I’m on course to reach the number of bookings I want this year.

- Jason Dodd, Commercial and Creative Photographer