Impactful Change to a Training and Consulting Website


Actineo Consulting LLP

Results (so far)

Just five months after we launched a redesigned, restructured website for Actineo Consulting, the impact has been clear to see.

Today, the team at Actineo get the advantage of:

  • 3648% growth in visits from all users
  • 3765% growth in visits from new users
  • 211% more pages visited per user
  • A 214% decrease in exits from the home page
  • An increase in organic search traffic from just 1% to almost a quarter of all visits

It’s the product of an experience that’s more intuitive and elegant. And over the next few months, we’re working with Actineo to refine the website even further.

The Brief

With a bare-bones website that was only ever considered temporary, Actineo needed a comprehensive new presence. This would be built around the needs of their training, consultancy and coaching customers, as well as the practical requirements of internal stakeholders.

Key elements of our brief included:

  1. A mature experience that would reassure enterprise CEOs and professionals
  2. Live details of upcoming training courses and events
  3. A user-editable training course catalogue
  4. Digestible-yet-informative information on consulting and coaching services

In addition, the upcoming Lean Agile Scotland 2017 conference would increase visits to the Actineo website. It was critical that the new and improved website was ready for this key event.

Our Solution

Our user-centric approach began with a workshop designed to deepen our understanding of Actineo’s users, information architecture, business objectives and the visual style we would go on to refine. This formed the foundation of our partnership, underpinning the entire creative process with a commercial awareness.

Following the workshop, we produced:

  • A structured content map based on our information architecture work
  • Evocative style boards for illustrate visual styles and themes
  • Detailed visuals of specific content elements like the course catalogue

Drawing on those key assets, the complete site was then designed and built on the Perch content management system, with minor revisions to tailor the layout to different screen sizes. Throughout, we worked closely with Actineo’s business development manager, who we continue to support by adding and editing courses as new ones are developed.

The new is an uncluttered, easy to use experience that balances the functionality of regularly updated course data with brand-building flourishes including animated buttons.

Actineo's Thoughts

Working with Mpjdesign over the past couple of years has been really productive. They were quick to embrace our iterative working methods and integrate with our team. I’m always feel they have our our best interests at heart rather than their own.

It took some effort but our website is delivering on our initial goals. We’re already in planning together for the next iteration. They take time to understand who we are, what’s important to us and what we want to achieve. The work they design and develop is then aligned to our business processes and needs.

I’d recommend Mpjdesign to any organisation looking for a web partner who will truly take their interests on board and produce work of genuine value.

- José Casal-Gimenez, Co-Founder, Business Agility Coach and Trainer