Emmi Itäranta


Emmi Itäranta


Results (so far)

Emmi’s goals for her site are different to most of our clients. There are no targets for online sales or conversions. But measured against the original brief of easily managing content and economical extension, the site has been a success. We’ve only had to help out with content problems twice. And we added a whole new site section for Emmi’s second novel, in under a day.

The Brief

Award-winning sci-fi author Emmi Itäranta needed a new website when she won her UK publishing deal. She asked us for a bi-lingual (Finnish & English) site that she could manage herself. And it had to be easily extended when new novels are published. She wanted the design to reflect her personal tastes and to look great on all devices.

Our Solution

The project began with plenty of discussions with Emmi - deciding how to translate her own aesthetic preferences and key themes from her first novel into a visual style. Once we established the design direction we put in some detailed research. The final visual style and user experience combine Japanese aesthetics of Wabi-Sabi, traditional Japanese ink colours, and elements of minimalist design.

Emmi’s content requirements also needed careful planning. The site has to deal with many sets of small but very specific content. We developed a rigorous structure that makes it easy for Emmi to add the right content in the right place. It’s flexible enough to cope with content variations and can be easily expanded.

We chose Perch as the best out of the box solution for Emmi to work with her content and remain easy to use. It needed a some custom development to work in both Finnish and English. But we made sure that Perch’s simple upgrade process will still work.