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  • Fighting html5shiv.js and SVG

    Fighting html5shiv.js and SVG

    Following the tenets of Progressive Enhancement, I had created a website that worked beautifully in old versions of IE, helped along a little by respond.js and the html5shiv.

    Having put IE to bed, I continued to work on the site, using a combination of IE conditional tags & Modernizr to enable features for compliant browsers. When the time for go-live was drawing near, I cracked open my plethora of VMs again to give everything a once-over. And alas! IE8 had lost a whole bunch of its styles.

    02 February 2015
  • Our New Office!

    Our New Office! We moved into our new office today!

    11 August 2014
  • Better web projects: part 2

    During the past 18 months we’ve developed a set of processes which help deliver web projects with better results and fewer problems in less time. There’s no rocket science but you might find it useful.

    24 January 2014
  • Better web projects: part 1

    Web projects managed using traditional techniques are susceptible to common problems. Without care they can easily lead to less than ideal results for clients and web studios alike. It’s time for some fresh thinking.

    24 January 2014
  • Enable retina text in Office for Mac 2011

    Using Microsoft Office for Mac on a retina screened device can be an utterly horrible experience without pinsharp text rendering. We don’t do IT support as a rule but one of our best clients asked if we could help; we did and we found a simple solution.

    02 November 2013
  • Google now works: the only real way to do SEO

    Because Google actually works now, the tricks to beat and spam it are no longer valid. Having a solid platform to build on and strong content are rapidly becoming all you need to sit pretty on page one.

    31 October 2013
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