Credit where credit's due

We are constantly amazed at the quality of tools, fonts, languages and software which people devote their time to produce and release for anyone to use freely without payment. We've used several while designing and developing this version of our website; they've made our job much easier and more enjoyable. It's only right to give credit where credit's due and thank the people responsible for the projects listed here:


  • sass - an extension of CSS3, adding tons of features which speed up our workflow
  • jquery - the ubiquitous JavaScript library
  • coffeescript - a little language that makes JavaScript fun
  • retina.js - a script that makes it easy to serve high-resolution images to devices with retina displays
  • TextMate 2 - the open-source TextMate 2 project
  • Foundation - an open-source responsive front-end framework by Zurb


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