Our Story?

You tell us.

At Mpjdesign, we live vicariously.

See, we’ve spent more than a decade being creative. We’ve developed smarter applications. Created designs that are pretty and practical at once. We’ve solved problems for clients of all sizes, all around the world. And we’ve won a few awards for our efforts.

We’ve been growing organically, driven by how big our clients’ ideas are —not how big we look.

When they go out into the world. When they go in front of your customers. When they go bigger and further than anybody could have expected.

You get what you were looking for. Your customers love it. Your business reaps the benefits.

That’s the start of the real story. And that’s what gets us up in the morning.

We could tell you where we’ve been and what we’ve done. But the story that matters starts now. With you.

Who we are.


Design and Consultancy

Before I founded Mpjdesign, I was a client. Even in my former career as a Chartered Biologist, I commissioned design regularly. So yes, I know how important results are. That’s why I started a company that could deliver them.

Today, I work across a range of disciplines, including design, information architecture, project management, and user experience. But even with this interdisciplinary approach, one thing stays the same – I’m as focused on getting results now as I was when I was on the other side of the desk.


The Client

Maybe you’re running the company. Maybe you’re heading up a department. But whoever you are, and whatever you do, you’re a crucial part of our team.

We’ll give you the advantage of our expertise, but we’ll draw on your knowledge too. After all, nobody knows what you’re trying to achieve better than you do.

So we invest in long–term relationships. There are no middlemen, no account managers – just you and us, focused on bringing your vision to life.

What we're about.

Relationships are reciprocal. We want to get to know your business, but it goes both ways.

So here’s what we believe in, what we’re about, and what makes us different.


It’s your project, but it’s our work. So we don’t settle for less than we’d demand ourselves. We put quality at the forefront of what we do, and get there through a considered, structured approach.


We don’t believe in done. Every project has room to improve. So we embrace that philosophy, delivering projects fast – but always striving to improve them incrementally through a repeated cycle of work.


Relationships are built on trust. You trust us to have your best interests at heart – not our own. So we’ll never work for your direct competitors, or suggest a project based on anything other than what you need.


We like fluidity. We like things to happen organically. But we understand the value of something tangible. So we keep our focus on results and outcomes – a project is only as successful as the impact it has on your business.